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Employee Relocations To Houston Require Furnished Housing

Are you a business professional looking for employee relocations in Houston? Both employers and employees from multinational companies such as Phillips66 and ExxonMobil may require these services as their workers travel to Houston and the surrounding areas where the company … Continue reading

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Needing A Short Term Lease Apartment Due To Selling A House

When someone sells their house more quickly than they expected to, they might look for a short term lease apartment in order to make the house available for the buyer immediately, expediting the sale of the home. This option may … Continue reading

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The Reasons To Start Searching For Interim Housing

The most common usages of interim housing include temporary living arrangements made by disaster victims and traveling professionals seeking a place to stay before securing a permanent residence. These two situations are not the only ones that can be solved … Continue reading

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Have A Home Away From Home With Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is a great way to find a more suitable accommodation for a client who is constantly away from home. This form of lodging provides similar amenities as ones’ own home. The need for this type of lodging may … Continue reading

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Choosing From The Variety Of Interim Housing Solutions

Interim housing solutions may become a necessity for people who lose their homes to disaster. Others must bridge time and find alternative accommodations while their permanent home is under construction or renovation. Business matters cannot always be handled with a … Continue reading

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Finding Interim Housing For Closings When A Home Sells

Interim housing for homeowners when closings happen in a relatively short amount of time can be considered when their home sells quickly.  Various situations can lead to this predicament.  When the home price is right in the market it will … Continue reading

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Stay In Interim Housing While Waiting For Closings On A Home

In times of uncertain job security, several individuals and families are constantly relocating for work, and interim housing for closings is rapidly replacing the tradition of a hotel stay when waiting to move into a new home. The most striking … Continue reading

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Executives With Schlumberger Needing Corporate Housing

Those on temporary assignment with Schlumberger can find corporate housing options available throughout all areas of Houston. Whether the person needing a temporary furnished apartment is a visiting executive, a consultant, or someone in training from another area of the … Continue reading

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How Renting A Temporary Furnished Apartment Is Practical

In the wake of a natural disaster, emphasis is placed on healing, and a temporary furnished apartment can help. When fire or flooding strike, homes are destroyed. Individuals and families are displaced, the home evaporating in smoke or drowning in … Continue reading

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What To Do After A Disaster Loss Resulting In Temp Housing

A disaster or loss resulting in temp housing being needed can rough.  Families that are displaced will typically experience high levels of stress.  Many organizations in the federal and private sector are there to help the families sort out the … Continue reading

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