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Furnished apartments are a great alternative to hotel rooms during an extended vacation or short-term relocation for employment. With increased living space and intimacy, temporary housing always seems an obvious alternative to suites and rooms at hotels. And of course, there is that extra benefit of saving money by being able to cook one’s own meals.

In a hotel room, luxurious as it may be, one finds a bed (sizes vary), a television (DVD player may or may not be included), radio (iPod docks are occasionally provided), and a bathroom. Though some may be lavishly furnished, these suites often lack the feel and convenience of home. In an apartment that is furnished, one can find a complete home, with a kitchen that is fully stocked, a full sized bedroom, ample living room space and a dining area. In a basic package, there is in the living room, a sofa, love seat, coffee table, lamps, television and DVD player. Those are the basic things to expect when looking at furnished apartments.

The fully stocked kitchen will include dinnerware, silverware, and glassware for four, a cookware set, a coffeemaker, trashcan, microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven, bake ware, pitcher, mixing bowls and more. Bedrooms will typically have a bed, night stand, lamps, hangers and a dresser. Along with the actual appliances being included, utilities (such as water, gas, and electricity) are combined in the once monthly invoice to avoid multiple bills.
It may seem difficult to locate companies who provide furnished apartments, but if one is temporarily relocating due to work, simply speak with the Human Resources office. They will likely have corporate connections which can nab some wonderful deals and savings. Likewise, if one is simply looking for a vacation spot for a few weeks, there is always the option of looking for companies who provide these services, and the internet is a great place to start.

Finding a company that specializes in this type of service can alleviate a lot of stress and let the person that needs to temporarily relocate focus on more important details. Let the company representative know which city needs to be searched, and when the location needs to be secured.  They will likely ask some questions to help find the perfect place, from the area of town to how much space will be needed.

For those that need furnished apartments for longer than a few weeks, they will see the advantage of this type of rental rather quickly. If a hotel suite were chosen instead, they would see an increase in the rate after 30 days as hotels charge an additional hotel tax of around 15%, depending on the state, for extended stays. This is not practical in most cases, especially when there are better options available for those that need corporate housing.

Furnished apartments can make the business travelers time away from home more comfortable and inviting. This type of atmosphere will allow them to focus on the business at hand, rather than focusing on what they are lacking in their temporary dwelling.

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Fully Furnished Apartments Work For Any Business Traveler
Fully furnished apartments can be the perfect answer to a professionalís residential needs while traveling. All too often, executives, project managers, and consultants have to settle for cramped hotels or a poorly kept company property.
Finding Furnished Apartments In Houston With Short Term Leasing
Furnished apartments in Houston typically offer short term leasing options, making them highly convenient in addition to being a perfect landing spot for a professional or family.
Use Furnished Apartments For Short Term Rent For Consultants
There are many furnished apartments available for short term rent in the Houston area, all of which would be perfect for business and insurance consultants. Business professionals often dread traveling on assignment, as it typically means cramped lodgings, loud neighbors and lots of fast food.
Looking For Apartments For Rent That Come Furnished In Houston
Finding apartments for rent that are furnished may seem simple enough, but in a city like Houston, it can be extremely time-consuming. In many cases, when it comes time to find a temporary unit that is comfortable and spacious, there is little time to spare for the search.
Use Furnished Apartments With Short Term Lease For Traveling
Insurance adjusters and business executives should look into furnished apartments for short term leasing when they come to Houston. They provide much more comfort, amenities, and not to mention space, than a hotel room.
Where To Find Furnished Apartments In Houston To Rent
Looking for furnished apartments in Houston sometime this year? Well, for those searching in the northern part of the Greater Houston area, particularly The Woodlands, the task may get a little harder thanks to the upcoming opening of the new ExxonMobil corporate campus in 2015.
What Furnished Apartments Are In The Houston Galleria Area?
One of the more popular residential options for business professionals staying in Houston are the furnished apartments in the Houston Galleria area. This section of town is one of the most desirable areas in the city.
What Does A Furnished Apartment Rental Include?
Transitioning to a new place on a temporary basis is something that many business professionals have to contend with eventually, but a furnished apartment rental can make the move a lot easier.
Why Do Professionals Prefer To Rent Furnished Apartments
Professionals traveling for business often prefer to rent furnished apartments versus other short term options for a number of reasons. For the most part, professionals looking for a temporary living space donít have many options to begin with.
Why Are Furnished Studio Apartments Preferred Over Hotels
Furnished studio apartments are an ideal location to stay at compared to a cramped hotel room. If a business professional is away from home for any great length of time it is difficult for a hotel room to meet all of the needs that a typical home could provide.
Where To Search For Furnished Apartments in Houston
What is the easy way to find furnished apartments in Houston? The sheer size of Houston makes narrowing down the list of hundreds of available lodgings an intimidating prospect. Luckily, there are some helpful resources for locating suitable units.
Questions About A Furnished Apartment For Business Travelers
If you have ever traveled on business, you have likely had the choice to rent a corporate furnished apartment. Corporate housing is different from the normal hotel room.
What Are The Benefits Of Renting Furnished Apartments?
When a worker or family finds themselves in need of a temporary location to live, renting furnished apartments can offer many benefits. Renting a hotel room for long term can be extremely expensive and usually offers only one small room for living, two if it is in a nicer hotel.
There Are Several Methods For Renting A Furnished Apartment
For a traveling executive, consultant or other business professional, renting a furnished apartment can be a wonderful alternative to staying in costly, cramped hotel rooms.
The Choices Of Available Furnished Apartments In Dallas TX
When corporate consultants or executives need furnished apartments in Dallas TX, they have many excellent options to choose from. Also known as the Metroplex, this city and Fort Worth combine to create a commercial powerhouse in north Texas.
Luxury Furnished Apartments Offer The Best Amenities
There are a few ways to find luxury furnished apartments if someone is a traveling professional in need of a place to stay. Some companies coordinate housing for their employees through the human resources department.
How An Expert Can Help Find Furnished Apartments In Dallas TX
An executive or consultant traveling to the Metroplex may need to find furnished apartments in Dallas TX during their stay. This city is the second-largest in the state and serves as the commercial center for many major corporations.
Austin Texas Has Apartments Furnished For Temporary Stays
A growing number of corporate travelers are finding their way to Austin, Texas. Apartments furnished and fully equipped to accommodate temporary stays are available throughout the city and surrounding area.
Renting A Dallas Furnished Apartment Within Budget
Finding a suitable Dallas furnished apartment in this large metropolitan area is easy. There are numerous styles and sizes with numerous popular amenities to choose from, and locating the right accommodations within a specific budget is even easier.
Renting A Furnished Apartment In Houston
The search for a furnished apartment in Houston can be a hassle, as itís a huge, winding city that has placed its residential areas at seemingly random spots.
Locating San Antonio Furnished Apartments
While it may not seem like the city is large enough to justify it, people new to the area will need help locating San Antonio furnished apartments. This urban area flies under the radar for the most part, as itís the other Texas towns Ė Houston, Dallas and Austin Ė that get most of the headlines.
Furnished Apartments In Houston Are Widely Dispersed
When looking for furnished apartments in Houston, it is best to have a little help in the search, as this city quite large. Because housing costs in this part of Texas are very affordable compared to the rest of the nation, real estate goes quickly.
Apartments That Are Furnished Can Be An Ideal Solution
When moving to a city as big and expansive as Houston, finding a place can be a nightmare, but apartments that are furnished offer a level of convenience that is rarely found in a metropolis.
Settling Into Furnished Apartments In The Woodlands
The northern part of Houston is, like many areas just outside of the city, becoming extremely popular for people new to the place, and furnished apartments in The Woodlands are an ideal spot for them to settle into.
Have A Smooth Transition With Furnished Apartments In Dallas
Starting out in a new city can be rather intimidating to some, but the furnished apartments in Dallas make the transition smooth. Most people who make the move for business do not have the hours to spend prior to relocating to find the dream house to call home.
Deciding Upon Furnished Apartments To Rent
Finding affordable and comfortable furnished apartments to rent can take a toll on oneís nerves.
What Is A Fully Furnished Apartment
The description of a fully furnished apartment can be translated in a variety of ways. Certain terminology can also help confuse the term as well. However, there are some basics when it comes to what to expect and what one is responsible for when leasing a fully furnished apartment.
Making The Decision On Furnished Apartments In San Antonio
Relocating is one of the biggest events for any individual or family, and finding the right furnished apartments in San Antonio comes with a set of obstacles. With some sound research and decision making, though, there will be no need to settle for anything less than whatever is needed.
Reasons Why A Furnished Apartment Is The Best Selection
When corporate employees need to move temporarily, furnished apartment services are the ideal choice. There are many reasons why a potential renter would need this type of service. These range from relocating with a company to needing a place to stay while waiting on the purchase of another home.
San Antonio Furnished Apartments Are Best When Relocating
Before relocating to any area, even on a temporary basis, an exploration of what the city has to offer in terms of employment opportunities, crime rates, school systems, and neighborhoods may lead to the conclusion that in San Antonio, furnished apartments are the choice to make.
Affordable Furnished Apartments In Houston TX
There are furnished apartments in Houston, TX for any business person or family, but finding that perfect one can be tough in this huge city. Getting to know the area can speed the process up a bit, and ensure that the best rental is found in the preferred area.
Austin Furnished Apartments For An Extended Stay
People have been flocking to Texas in droves over the past several years, but no area has been growing faster than Austin, and furnished apartments are becoming more popular for people taking an extended layover there.
Furnished Apartments in Dallas Provide Great Short Term Housing
Dallas is a massive commercial powerhouse. Before relocating temporarily, a savvy business traveler looks for Dallas area furnished apartments. This city, combined with Fort Worth, is known as The Metroplex, which is one of the fastest moving commercial bastions in the nation.
The Houston Medical Center Has Furnished Apartments
If someone were looking at staying in Houstonís medical center, are furnished apartments available? If so, what is available? What are some things to do while in the area?
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